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 Welcome to A-SOL! 


Our first lab was a hit!

Students Final Presentation_edited.jpg

Eight high-school students from the Fair Park neighborhood learned about entrepreneurship and leadership in our 2023 summer program. 

Our Programming

Children in low-income communities today face a significant opportunity gap, as disparities in access to quality education, resources, and support systems create unequal pathways for their future success.

A-SOL seeks to close this gap by offering impactful programming opportunities at no cost. Our goal is to create a safe haven for students and instill entrepreneurial and leadership skills in a faith-based

environment that promotes teamwork and community building.

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Giving to A-SOL

Unlock the Power of Opportunity. Make a Difference Today.

Discover how your generosity can empower A-SOL's mission and help us make a lasting impact.

Click below to explore donation options and join us in creating a brighter future for each student we serve.

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