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Q&A With Jeremy Fonteneaux

Today we’d like to introduce you to Jeremy Fonteneaux, one of our founding board members and Board Secretary. Jeremy currently works as a Senior Strategy & Planning Consultant at Wells Fargo.

Why did you first get involved with A-SOL?

I first got involved in March 2022 when Austin Bowyer told me about the program. I was immediately hooked, and the mission resonated with me because I grew up in Dallas and knew firsthand how beneficial this program would be.

Do you have any previous nonprofit experience?

At my previous company, I completed some pro-bono consulting projects for nonprofits. I have also served with the Big Brother Big Sister program for the past ten years.

Where do you see A-SOL going in the next year?

This year we are excited to complete our first pilot program. 2023 is the year of inserting ourselves into the community as an organization. We are going to learn and grow tremendously alongside the community.

What excites you most about A-SOL?

Being a part of the organization this early on is so exciting, and I know we will do big things. Everyone involved is so enthusiastic and talented. The program will unlock outstanding opportunities for youth. It’s not a matter of if it happens, it’s when.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I am a big foodie and love being active and traveling. I recently took a trip to Ghana to attend Afrochella.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

In the future, I see myself as an integral part of the community. I hope to contribute to the growth and success of A-SOL and see myself with deeper connections with my friends and family.

Be on the lookout for Jeremy at future A-SOL events!


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