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Lion's Den DFW Recap

On Thursday, A-SOL Co-Founder, Austin Bowyer, attended Lion’s Den DFW Pitch Competition at Dallas Baptist University. The Lion’s Den DFW was created to “inspire, educate and mobilize” high capacity Christian business men and women to invest their efforts, talents and resources for Kingdom Impact.

While at the event, Austin was able to connect with many like-minded entrepreneurs who are using their gifts to make an impact. It is inspiring so many great organizations seeking to serve the community, and it is crucial that we collaborate to maximize our impact.

Entrepreneurship is a powerful tool that can transform communities by creating jobs and driving economic growth. When entrepreneurs start a new business or expand an existing one, they create new jobs, which can reduce unemployment rates and generate income for individuals and families. This income, in turn, can lift people out of poverty, improve their quality of life, and create a more vibrant community.

A-SOL is a faith-principled organization, seeking to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs. Our programs will expose students to a variety of entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds, encourage students to take risks and challenge themselves, and build valuable skills through hands-on learning. We dream of the day when A-SOL graduates will start their own businesses or join existing businesses and bring their innovative mindset and problem-solving abilities.


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