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Case Study: Elle Vie Body Products

The Opportunity

Elle Vie Body Products, a local skincare company, faced a unique challenge: expand their product range with a limited edition body mist to meet customer demand and enhance brand loyalty. Meanwhile, A-SOL sought hands-on entrepreneurial experiences for their students. This intersection created a perfect opportunity for collaboration.


From March to May, eight A-SOL students aged 13-16 embarked on a journey to assist Elle Vie in developing their new product. This partnership gave Elle Vie's product development process youthful creativity while providing A-SOL students real-world entrepreneurial experience.


The Solution

A-SOL designed a comprehensive project for their Spring 2024 program, focusing on three key deliverables:

  1. Market Research: Students researched the body mist market and shared their findings.

  2. Label Design: Using Can va, students created multiple label designs.

  3. Product Container Recommendations: Students presented recommendations for the body mist container.

The project included:

  • An initial kickoff meeting at Watermark, where students met Lavida and learned about her entrepreneurial journey

  • A mid-project presentation and facility tour at Elle Vie's location.

  • A final program celebration was held to celebrate A-SOL's students, and Lavida was presented with A-SOL's Partnership Award for her contributions to the mission.


The Result

The collaboration between A-SOL and Elle Vie proved to be a resounding success. Students presented their work to Elle Vie, showcasing their professionalism and creativity. As a result, the limited-release product entered the R&D phase, working towards a future release date.


Key outcomes included:

  • Students gained valuable real-world experience in product development and market research.

  • Elle Vie received high-quality deliverables to support their product launch.

  • A-SOL strengthened its reputation for providing meaningful, hands-on entrepreneurial education.


The impact extended beyond the immediate project. Students had the opportunity to learn directly from Elle Vie's team and tour their facility, providing inspiration and real-world context to their learning.


Closing Thoughts

Recently, we sat down with Elle Vie Body Products' founder, Lavida Samuel, who shared her thoughts on the collaboration. "One of the things that I enjoyed the most was the questions that the students asked during our initial meeting. They were very inquisitive, very well thought out questions."

She also praised A-SOL's approach: "I love that [A-SOL's] Christ-centered. I also love that you all expose the students to different entrepreneurs and businesses that are in the area that they're from or go to school. A lot of times, you can't believe it until you see it."

This case study demonstrates how A-SOL's innovative approach to entrepreneurial education can create win-win situations, benefiting both students and local businesses while fostering community connections.



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